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"At Kurra-Wirra, we're proud to leverage our experience of supplying over 3000 bulls to Northern Australia to inform our breeding objectives. Over the last two decades, our focus has been on enhancing the Angus and Red Angus content in our Senegus cattle. By incorporating the desirable traits of these breeds while preserving the Senepol's slick coat for heat tolerance and parasite resistance, we've developed cattle that thrive in the North. Our commitment to producing animals that excel in the heat, maintain high fertility and excellent carcass traits underscores our dedication to providing superior genetics for Australian producers."

Kurra-Wirra Senegus stands as the pinnacle of our beef cattle breeding expertise, seamlessly melding the exceptional qualities of Kurra-Wirra Angus and Senepol breeds. Leveraging the world's top Red Angus and Angus sires, we cross them over Kurra-Wirra slick Senegus females to craft our superior Senegus cattle. With advancements in genetic testing, particularly for the Slick-coat gene inherited from the Senepol, we've been able to increase our Red Angus and Angus content in our Senegus, preserving the Slick coat gene. This provides a distinct advantage for commercial beef breeding operations in the North, emphasising increased production, efficiency, and the production of higher value carcasses in hot environments.

Senegus are not only exceptional in their genetics but also 100% polled and of the Bos taurus breed, ensuring uniformity and consistency in their characteristics. This distinctive crossbreeding approach yields animals boasting the heat and parasite tolerance of the Senepol, alongside the superior fertility, growth, and carcass attributes typical with Angus genetics. 

 Kurra-Wirra Northern Red Hot Sale 2024
 Kurra-Wirra Northern Red Hot Sale 2024
30 Sept 2024, 7:00 am – 2:00 pm
Blackall QLD 4472, Australia
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