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At Kurra-Wirra, our Red Angus breeding program aim's to produce market focused bulls that enhance the beef industry and improve the profitability of our clients. In 2018, we selected our Red Angus foundation stock from Paringa, laying the groundwork for a breeding program dedicated to producing superior Red Angus genetics. Through the use of artificial insemination (AI), we've carefully curated the best genetics from around the world to continually enhance and improve the breed.

Utilising Angus TACE Analysis:

We run our Red Angus cattle alongside our Angus calves in the Angus TACE analysis management group. This enables us to gather valuable data through TACE analysis, providing insights that drive informed breeding decisions and ensure the continual improvement of our Red Angus herd.

Versatility for Southern and Northern Climates:

Our Red Angus cattle are bred not only for the needs of our southern clients but also with the resilience to thrive in northern environments. With all the attributes of traditional Angus, plus the added advantage of a homozygous red coat color, Red Angus cattle excel in temperament, maternal qualities, and carcass characteristics while adapting to the heat better than black hided cattle. 

Adaptability to Diverse Climates:

Red Angus cattle possess remarkable adaptability to a wide range of climatic conditions found across Australia. Their lighter red coat color reflects sunlight more efficiently than darker breeds, making them particularly well-suited for tropical-based systems. Additionally, in areas plagued by buffalo fly, Red Angus have a distinct advantage, as the flies are less attracted to lighter-colored hides.

Superior Heat Tolerance:

The lighter red color of Red Angus cattle also contributes to their ability to handle heat conditions more effectively than black-hided cattle. This adaptability makes Red Angus an excellent choice for producers operating in regions prone to high temperatures and challenging environmental conditions.

Preferred Choice for Commercial Producers:

Kurra-Wirra Red Angus bulls are highly sought after by commercial producers, serving as a cornerstone for their production systems. 

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