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Kurra-Wirra Merino

Welcome to Kurra-Wirra Merinos, a beacon of innovation and excellence in the world of merino stud breeding. Guided by our steadfast motto, "Measured to Perform," we take pride in our commercial focus, dedicated to delivering superior genetics that drive the success of our clients and prioritize the welfare of our flock.

Non-Mulesed Commitment

At Kurra-Wirra Merinos, we are committed to leading the way in ethical and sustainable practices. Our Rams are meticulously bred to produce genetics that enable commercial producers to raise non-mulesed sheep, emphasizing our unwavering dedication to animal welfare. We believe in setting industry standards that align with our values and contribute to the well-being of our flock.


Repro/Maternal Focus


Backed by a robust commercial flock of 30,000 strong, Kurra-Wirra Merinos stands as a testament to our repro/maternal focus. Operating at high stocking rates (17.8 DSE/HA per SWFM), our stud is dedicated to advancing reproductive and maternal traits. Our commitment to excellence extends to comprehensive data collection, including highly accurate reproductive data, Maternal Behaviour Scores, and birth weighing. This places Kurra-Wirra among the leading studs across Australia for reproductive traits.

Gold Standard Data Quality

Our dedication to precision is reflected in our gold standard rating for data quality. Leveraging ASBV's since 2014 and Genomics since 2015, Kurra-Wirra Merinos stands at the forefront of data quality in the industry. With over 3500 genomics in use and plans to genotype all stud animals by the end of the year, we ensure thorough testing across all traits. This commitment to extensive testing enables us to make informed decisions based on the highest quality data available.

Screenshot 2023-12-22 101704.png

Early Maturity Advantage


Thanks to our extensive genomic data collection, Kurra-Wirra Merinos leads the industry in early maturity. Incorporating 100-150 8-month-old ram lambs into our commercial ram team significantly enhances the quality of rams available for sale. Only a select few elite rams are retained for stud use, ensuring our clients have access to the best genetics for their flocks.

Furthermore, our outstanding results are evident in joining the entire drop of stud ewe lambs at 8 months, with an impressive 60% scanning in lamb carrying 144% foetuses. This achievement showcases our commitment to pushing the boundaries of productivity and performance, setting Kurra-Wirra Merinos apart as a leader in the merino stud breeding landscape.

 Kurra-Wirra 'Measured to Perform' Merino Ram Sale 2024
 Kurra-Wirra 'Measured to Perform' Merino Ram Sale 2024
04 Nov 2024, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Kurra-Wirra Ram Selling Complex,
426 Mooree-Culla Rd, Culla VIC 3315, Australia
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