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Registered Flock No 4173

Kurra-Wirra Merinos

Kurra-Wirra is a family owned and operated Merino Stud in Culla, Western Victoria, south of Harrow. Originally based on the most productive Merryville bloodlines, over the past 20 years our stud has incorporated the use of leading performance testing genetics which has allowed us to infuse planer bodied, larger framed sheep into the stud, ensuring predictability of breeding, improving growth and fertility, lifting wool cuts and lowering microns.

Since conception, we have been performance recording our sheep, but now we have them recorded at the highest level, using Merinoselect to produce ASBV’s and benchmarking our flock against the rest of the Merino industry. 

Kurra-Wirra use ASBV’s on all stud sheep. Since conception we have been performance recording our sheep however now we have them recorded at the highest level using Merinoselect to produce ASBV’s and benchmarking our flock against the rest of the Merino industry. We are at the cutting edge of the industry and aim for more lambs, more wool, more growth at a younger age and commence shearing twice yearly. The modern Merino genetics gives you maximum commercial results.

The proven economic performance of Merinos justifies our faith and our drive to continually improve. The modern merino ewe is highly fertile producing lots of lambs, both Merino self-replacement and Prime with high growth rates to turn off surplus animals at an early age. Combine this with added DSE/ha rates that the Merino allows, makes it the ultimate wool quality and production system. All this combined makes the modern Merino the top proven benchmark sheep enterprise.

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'The Mountain Dam' Poll Merino Stud

In December 2018, Kurra-Wirra we fortunate to acquire 'The Mountain Dam' Poll Merino Stud in full from the Silcock family. 

Following the acquisition of The Mountain Dam Stud, Kurra-Wirra's objective is to run both studs separately from one another for the foreseeable future. Tom Silcock join the Kurra-Wirra team as Stud Manager of The Mountain Dam Ewes to continue to provide his expertise and passion for the merino bloodlines he has refined over the year.



MERINO - Flock History

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