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MERINO - Sire Evauation

At Kurra-Wirra, our commitment to excellence goes beyond the confines of our stud. We actively engage in comprehensive sire evaluations across the country, a practice that not only benchmarks our genetics but also underscores our dedication to continuous improvement and adaptability.



Strategic Benchmarking for Success:

Our involvement in sire evaluations is a strategic initiative aimed at assessing the performance of Kurra-Wirra genetics in diverse environments. By rigorously evaluating our rams in different regions and climates, we gain valuable insights into the adaptability and resilience of our breeding lines. This strategic benchmarking ensures that our genetics not only meet but exceed expectations, thriving in a variety of conditions and reinforcing our ethos of being 'Measured to Perform.'


Exceptional Results Across Environments:

The consistent success of Kurra-Wirra rams in various sire evaluations is a testament to the robustness of our breeding program. Our genetics have consistently excelled, showcasing their ability to thrive and perform exceptionally well in a range of environments. This achievement underscores our commitment to producing sheep that are not only productive but resilient and adaptable, a quality that sets Kurra-Wirra apart in the merino breeding landscape.


Your Assurance of Quality:

For our clients, sire evaluations serve as an assurance of the quality and reliability of Kurra-Wirra genetics. Knowing that our rams consistently excel in diverse conditions provides confidence in the performance and adaptability of the sheep they acquire from our stud. Our commitment to transparency and accountability is evident in the real-world success of our genetics, reinforcing the trust that our clients place in the Kurra-Wirra name.

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KW 200427 - New England Trial

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