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MERINO - Sire Evauation

Sire Evaluation History

The Balmoral Sire Evaluation Group commenced sire evaluation trials in 1998 with the Committee now including over 20 members including stud breeders, service providers and commercial producers. The group aims to evaluate and promote leading sires suited to fine wool production in Western Victoria by informing participants, their clients and interested woolgrowers about the events surrounding the trials. A regular newsletter is produced, along with attendance at regional sheep and wool shows by the Balmoral Sire Evaluation Group.

Balmoral is one of five Merino Lifetime Productivity Project (MLP)  sites that are evaluating lifetime productivity of Merino ewes from different genetic sources.

Kurra-Wirra Sire Evaluation History 

Kurra-Wirra has been entered the Balmoral Sire Evaluation for .... years. 

Click Here to view the site reports from the Balmoral Sire Evaluation 

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