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At Kurra-Wirra, our Angus breeding program is rooted in diligent selection and decades of expertise. We've carefully chosen females from renowned bloodlines such as Bowen and Pathfinder, ensuring the foundation of our herd is built on quality and pedigree. Our selection criteria are first and foremost focused on type and structure, and then on above average genetic performance - never in reverse.

We AI a significant number of females to proven sires from the best Angus bulls  from around the world into our herd. This is to ensure we deliver the most commercially relevant and most profitable bulls to the industry.

The primary aim at Kurra-Wirra is to produce market focused bulls that enhance the beef industry and improve the profitability of our clients.


As part of our dedication to collaboration and superior customer service, we extend an open invitation for anyone to come and view our herd at any time. Whether you’re a seasoned breeder, prospective buyer, or simply curious about our operation, we welcome you to witness firsthand the quality and care that goes into our cattle breeding program. Additionally, we offer the convenience of private sales nationwide, ensuring that our genetics are accessible to breeders across Australia.

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