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"Kurra-Wirra bulls are bred from an 800 strong head cow herd, run under tough commercial conditions. We do this to apply pressure on each cow and to test the capacity of her genetic traits so the ‘cream can rise to the top’. This allows only the most profitable genetics to remain within the herd. "

Our breeding program harnesses high-performing genetics from the world’s premier sires, producing cattle that excel in carcase quality, fertility, calving ease and temperament. Our cattle thrive in all environments, particularly the warmer northern climates thanks to our innovation in integrating the Senepol heat-resistant gene intoour Red Angus and Angus herd. 


Our involvement in the TransTasman Angus Cattle Evaluation (TACE), The Leachman $Profit analysis, and the use of genomics, gives us the confidence to continuously refine our herd based on comprehensive performance data, ensuring excellence in every generation.


The primary aim at Kurra-Wirra is to produce market focused bulls that enhance the beef industry and improve the profitability of our clients.

Females are subject to a rigorous selection process. Culling of females is strict and done under these conditions:

  • Cow MUST get in calf each year: No exceptions

  • Heifer must calve unassisted at 2 years of age

  • Temperament must be favorable. We allow the cow to be protective of calf but any hint of madness, she’s gone!

  • Conformation and structure are measured and culled upon before entry into the stud

  • Must pass on strong genetics in relation to birth weight, growth rates and carcass traits.

Our selection criteria are first and foremost focused on type and structure, and then on above average genetic performance - never in reverse. We AI a significant number of females to proven sires from the best Angus and Red Angus bulls into our herd. This is to ensure we deliver the most commercially relevant and most profitable bulls to the industry.

Our primary focus is consistently centered on breeding market-oriented bulls that not only elevate the beef industry but also improve the profitability for our clients.

To find out more information about the global crossbreed Leachman $Profit analysis: Click Here

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