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Contract Breeding

Ram and Bull Contract Breeding Agreements with Kurra-Wirra

Kurra-Wirra specialises in contract breeding rams and bulls for large-scale commercial clients, providing tailored solutions to suit your specific needs. We understand that some clients prefer not to participate in auctions for their entire ram or bull team. That's why we offer flexible contract breeding options for those looking to purchase 20 or more rams annually or a minimum of 15 bulls annually with an ongoing arrangement.

Why Choose Kurra-Wirra Contract Breeding?

  1. Customised Solutions: We work closely with our clients to develop tailored breeding agreements that meet their individual requirements, ensuring the highest level of satisfaction and success.

  2. Quality Assurance: Our rams and bulls are bred to the highest standards of quality, with strict specifications and pricing agreements in place to guarantee excellence in both genetics and performance.

  3. Consistent Supply: With an ongoing contract arrangement, clients can rely on Kurra-Wirra for a consistent and reliable supply of high-quality rams and bulls year after year.

  4. Expert Guidance: Our experienced team, led by Simon Close, Anthony Close and James Lilburne, is dedicated to providing personalised assistance and guidance throughout the contract breeding process, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for our clients.

Contact Us Today to Discuss Your Contract Breeding Needs:

For more details on our ram and bull contract breeding options, please contact:

  • Simon Close for Bull Contract Breeding: 0447 715 647

  • James Lilburne for Bull Contract Breeding: 0417 333 737

  • Anthony Close for Ram Contract Breeding: 0437 085 217

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