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Mon, 30 Sept



Kurra-Wirra Northern Red Hot Sale 2024

 Kurra-Wirra Northern Red Hot Sale 2024
 Kurra-Wirra Northern Red Hot Sale 2024

Time & Location

30 Sept 2024, 7:00 am – 2:00 pm

Blackall, Blackall QLD 4472, Australia

About the event

120 Red Angus / Angus / Red Angus Slick Bulls All bulls are semen tested. Vaccinated for 3 day sickness, tick fever, vibriosis, botulism and pestivirus. 

This year we have on offer:

- Pure and registered Red Angus and Angus Bulls

- Red Angus Slick Bulls

All bulls in this draft have been sire verified and have genomically enhanced EBV’s.

Our genetic gain and performance continues to go from strength to strength, with our motto “Measured to Perform” at the heart of all our enterprises. We use every available tool to measure and evaluate our animals, ensuring they perform for our clients.

Our Red Angus and Angus cattle are on the Angus Australia TACE Analysis, while all pure and composite cattle are on the Leachman $Profit analysis. Using both systems to measure, monitor and analyse our herds performance has led to significant improvements in productivity of our cattle. Although there are a lot of different breed compositions between our cattle, they all run in the one management group. So, our 100% Angus cattle are directly measured against our Senegus cattle which provides high quality, accurate data across all animals.

We welcome the recent genetic enhancements in both TACE and $Profit Analysis, with increased focus on efficiency, resilience, and stay-ability traits. The massive one for Kurra-Wirra and those using Kurra-Wirra genetics is the inclusion of $FRT (fertility/stayability traits) now included with the $Ranch (maternal) Index. We believe that this EPD is the single best predictor of a cow’s lifetime productivity. Model analysis demonstrates that the number of calves produced in a cow’s lifetime is DIRECTLY related to that female’s probable annual calf crop percentage weaned. High Fertility EPD bulls will build cowherds with consistently better breed back, higher calf crop percentage weaned, less culling requirements, and reduced replacement rates. We consider this inclusion the most significant enhancement in decades.

Ongoing testing of our cattle for the Slick Coat Gene continues to transform our breeding program. The Slick Coat Gene is a dominant gene carried by the Senepol breed resulting in a slick, shorter hair coat. This is beneficial in hot, tropical environments as the short hair length allows for heat loss and an increased sweating rate, overall improving regulation of internal body temperature. The ability to test for the Slick Coat Gene has allowed us to increase the Red Angus and Angus content of our Senegus cattle while maintaining their ability to thrive in marginal areas.

Inspections are welcome anytime, so please contact Simon if you require further information or assistance.

Simon, Robert and the Close Family.


​Simon Close - 0447 715 647 | 

Robert Close - 0413 285 860 | ​ 


James Lilburne - 0417 333 737 | ​ 


Beau Frame - 0428 221 623 |

Philip Frame - 0427 221 610 |

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