Across Breed EBVs are published for all bulls in this catalogue. These Across Breed EBVs predict differences expected in performance of future progeny of these bulls. All the Across Breed EBVs can be used to compare the bulls within this catalogue.

Birth Weight (BW) ABE is the weight of progeny at birth, expressed in kg.


Weaning Weight (WW) ABE is the weight of progeny at weaning, expressed in kg.


Yearling Weight (YW) ABE is the weight of progeny at yearling age (12 months of age) expressed in kg.


Milk (MILK) ABE This is the best indicator of a bull’s daughter ability to milk. It measures the difference in weaning weight between bulls’ progeny solely due to milk.

Marbling (IMF) ABE is the ultrasound based ABE for marbling.

Rib Eye (REA) ABE is the ultrasound based ABE for rib eye area, expressed in cm squared. Marbling (MB) ABE is the ultrasound based ABE for marbling.


Mature Weight (MWT) ABE is the predicted mature weight of daughters. This ABE is the best indicator of daughter size.

Feeder Gain (F:G) ABE predicts the feedlot efficiency of the bulls’ offspring. Bulls with lower FG ABE figures will produce progeny that feed more efficiently.

Intake (INTAKE) ABE Is an estimate of the amount of feed that the bull’s progeny will consume over a 112 day feeding period. Animals with lower IN ABE figures will consume less throughout their life.

Yearling Height (YHT) ABE is an estimate of the height at yearling age. Animals with a higher YHT ABE will have a higher hip height than other other sires. 


Scrotal (SCR) ABE is calculated from the circumference of the bulls’ scrotum.

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