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Barcaldine Bull Sale 2020 - March 06, 2020

​Click below to download the catalogue for the 2020 Barcaldine Bull Sale. ​

For the 13th consecutive year, we are taking 50 Red & Black Senegus bulls to the Australian Topstock Barcaldine sale. This is another great opportunity for our northern clients to secure quality genetics that will breed deep, slick and good boned cattle.

​All cattle in the sale have been reordered and compared on the Leachman $Profit Multi-Breed Analysis which has over 1.5 million crossbreed cattle from around the globe.

More information on the $Profit analysis can be found here:​

150 bulls will be sold on Friday 6th March at the Barcaldine saleyards. 8am inspection for a 10am sale.We always look forward to this sale!

Come along to have a look and say g'day!​

For any questions relating to the data, please contact Simon Close - 0447 715 647


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