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Senegus (Senepol x Angus) wins trial with massive 4.6kg/day

Senepol’s have dominated meat quality and growth rate trials across the north of Australia. Both trials revealed that the crossbreds perform more than favourably across a range of key performance indicators.

The aim of the trials was to investigate whether crossbreeding Senepol bulls and typical Northern Australian Brahman cows will produce offspring that perform well under northern conditions, have better meat quality and grow faster than straightbred Brahmans.

During the Callide Dawson Beef Carcase Competition in Queensland this year, a Senepol Angus cross steer recorded the highest mid-term weight gain in its 30-year history. The 24-month old steer logged an enormous 4.6kg daily weight gain.

Senepol’s took out the podium with second place going to a Senepol Composite cross that recorded a weight gain of 4.42kg per day while a Senepol Composite cross steer claimed third with a gain of 4.19kg/day.

Kurra-Wirra is Australia’s largest Red Angus/Senepol breeder, supplying over 200 bulls annually to long term clients in southern and northern Australia over the last 13 years.

At Kurra-Wirra, we have carefully blended the ‘Angus’ attributes with the cool slick red coat of the Senepol breed to create animals that allow these Bos Taurus, slick Red Angus/Senepol composite bulls to go where they have never been (or lasted) before.

The main benefits of these cattle are:

  • Red Bulls do Better in the Heat – Red coated cattle are cooler and more heat tolerant, resulting in higher fertility equalling more calves

  • Increased Fertility – Bulls have very high libido and females cycle at a younger age and are 97% Poll and Scurred in the first generation from the finding in The Kidman Springs Steer Trial

  • More Markets – Cattle are slick coated and flat backed that are suitable for the northern export markets, as well as southern store and feedlot markets with the added bonus of providing a diverse range of premium options

Another trial was the Kidmans Springs F1 Senepol x Brahman Steers comparison to Brahman Steers that demonstrates by using a Senepol cross, it will maximise your commercial results within your herd. The results from the trail revealed that F1 Senepol cross calves were:

  • On average, 23 kg heavier at weaning. This is a typical result when crossbreds are compared to purebreds due to hybrid vigour.

  • 30kgs or 10% heavier at 18 months old

  • 12% more pregnancies at 2years old due to being on average 35kgs at maiden joining

  • 97% Poll or Scurred in first generation

  • 6.3 Boning group for an F1 Senepol compared to an 8.3 for a Brahman (more cuts can be used for MSA)

  • 13% more tender than Brahman with a 3.43kgs of shear force compared to 3.86 in Brahmans

  • 12% more weight gain in an Indonesian feedlot with 1.7kg a day compared with 1.54kg per day

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