"Breeding for Profit"

Red Angus / Senepol (Senegus)

Kurra-Wirra is now benchmarking against 1.5 million cattle worldwide through the Leachman $Profit analysis. This allows us to breed animals that are going to deliver more efficient and profitable cattle for our clients.


Kurra-Wirra have produced high quality, performance recorded cattle that have been sent into Northern Australia for more than 15 years. With experience and new technology, we are now taking it to the next level.

Kurra-Wirra is now testing and breeding cattle with the slick gene because it improves performance in hot temperatures.


This is a gene carried by the Senepol breed which reduces the animals internal body temperature and also throws a slick coat, improving the animal’s performance in hot temperatures. The benefits of cattle that carry the slick gene are:

  1. Breeders can continually use high quality, flat backed bulls over and over their herd without running into any British hair in future generations

  2. The progeny from bulls that carry the slick gene have a slick coat that is a requirement in tick areas

  3. They maintain their performance in hot temperature’s. Temperatures as low as 28 degrees can cause heat stress in cattle causing them to reduce feed intake, lower milk yield and reduces fertility.

  4. The slick coat enables clients to maintain export opportunities to Northern markets


By testing out cattle, it has enabled us to make breeding decisions to produce high performing cattle that carry the slick gene for our clients in Northern Australia.


Red coated bulls are cooler and more heat tolerant, resulting in higher fertility = more calves.
Red Senegus slick coated cattle are more parasite tolerant, an advantage in all environments.



Cattlemen are using Kurra-Wirra Senegus bulls for their proven higher fertility resulting in more calves for more dollars.


Calves have more weight at a younger age and as one client’s manager quoted


‘They look like steers but weight like bullocks’.


They are 100% Bos Taurus polled cattle that are a great cross breeding option with hybrid vigor.


Kurra-Wirra Senegus genetics are ‘Slick Coated’ and ‘Flat Backed’ that are suitable for the northern exports, as well as southern store markets with the added bonus of providing a diverse range of premium options for more dollars in your bank.

Kurra-Wirra Red Angus

Fertile, Maternal, Temperament, Carcass Quality

Kurra-Wirra Senepol

Slick Coat, Bos Taurus, Tropically Adapted, Flat Backed, Polled

Kurra-Wirra Senegus

Combination of positive attributed from both breeds

About the Sepepol

The N'Dama, a native (Bos Taurus) of Senegal, North West Africa was crossed with the British breed, Red Poll.

The two Breed composite was developed on the island of St Croix in the Caribbean, at the beginning of the 2-th Century, the result of infusing the Red Poll was combining of N'Dama's superior traits to thrive on poor quality forage, with Red Poll's carcass quality, high fertility, feed efficiency, quiet nature and renowned maternal and milking ability. 

The Senepol has been a fixed breed now for almost a century. 

Trail Results from Kidmans Springs Senepol / Brahman vs Brahman 

  • 10% more wt. at weaning [20kg heavier]

  • 10% more wt at 18 months [30kg heavier]

  • 12% more pregnancies at 2yrs old [94% preg rate in the Senepol F1's]

  • 97% Poll and Scurred in first generation

  • 6.3 Boning group for Sen/Brah F1 steers, 8.3 boning group for Brahmans steers.

  • Senepol/Brah 13% more tender than Brahman. [3.3kg of force versus 3.86kg of force in shear test to break meat cuts]

  • 12% more weight gain in Indonesion feedlot. [Sen/brah 1.7kg a day versus brah 1.54kg per day

Callide Dawson Beef Carcass Competition

The aim of the trials was to investigate whether crossbreeding Senepol bulls and typical Northern Australian Brahman cows will produce offspring that perform well under northern conditions, have better meat quality and grow faster than straightbred Brahmans.
A Senepol Angus cross steer recorded the highest mid-term weight gain in its 30-year history. The 24-month old steer logged an enormous 4.6kg daily weight gain.
Senepol’s took out the podium with second place going to a Senepol Composite cross that recorded a weight gain of 4.42kg per day while a Senepol Composite cross steer claimed third with a gain of 4.19kg/day.​


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