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Slick Gene

Kurra-Wirra is now testing and breeding cattle with the slick gene because it improves
performance in hot temperatures.

The slick gene is a dominant gene carried by the Senepol breed resulting in a slick, shorter hair coat. This is beneficial in hot and tropical environments as the short hair length allows for sensible heat loss and an increased sweating rate, overall allowing for better regulation of internal body temperature. Other potential benefits include:


1. Breeders can produce Cross Breed cattle that are heat tolerant, whilst also maintaining the

productivity, fertility and carcass quality of the British breeds.

2. The progeny from bulls that carry the slick gene have a slick coat which is a requirement in

tick areas.
3. The slick coat enables clients to maintain export opportunities to Northern markets.
4. Breeders can use high quality, flat backed bulls repeatedly over their herd without running
into any British hair in future generations.

Testing our cattle has enabled us to make breeding decisions to produce high performing
cattle that carry the slick gene for our clients.

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