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Kurra-Wirra Annual On-Site Merino Ram Sale

Friday 1st December 2017

At Kurra-Wirra we have been very focused on current profit drivers such as Wool Production, Early Growth, EMA, FAT and sheep doing ability.

By shifting our point of maturity to a slightly younger age by lifting our PWT we are able to breed a more fertile, higher yielding animal. This started to show effect with a 24% rise in our scanning results in our

youngest and most genetically advanced ewes.

Download The Kurra-Wirra Ram Sale Catalogue

10.00 am Open for inspection & buyer registration

12:30 pm Official welcome & sale commences

Address: 770 Mooree-Culla Road, Culla, VIC, 3315 (see map below)

The sale is conducted under the buyer friendly Helmsman system. 

What information is available on the sale rams.

Raw data, estimated breeding values (EBV’s – within flock) and Australian sheep breeding values (ASBV’s – across flock) are provided in the ram sale catalogue for all traits:

  • Weaning, yearly and current body weight

  • Yearly and current micron 

  • Co efficient of variation (CV)

  • Yearly clean fleece weight

  • Worm resistance 

  • Yearly staple strength and length

  • Number of lambs weaned (fertility)

  • EMD (muscle) and FAT ( fat cover)
    All combined in a choice on indexes


If you are seeking specific breeding features, Robert or Anthony is happy provide recommendations for you.

Call Robert on 0355 70 4238, 0413 285 860 or Anthony on 0437 085 217



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